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Food and Beverage
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Regular, Full Time
$14.96 - $17.57 Hourly
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Relocation Expenses Not Authorized
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The primary purpose of this position is to perform a full range of simple
cooking tasks to the Dining Services, Child and Youth Programs and Morale, Welfare and Recreation operations.
NA-04 Prepares and cooks a full range of simple menu items according to established recipes. Assists in the
preparation of more complex menu items. Measures and weighs portions and ingredients as required by recipe.
Prepares salads, slices meat, cheese and bread, cuts pies and cakes and prepares assorted beverages. Serves
customers at counter; receives orders and serves food and beverages in accordance with prescribed portions.
Maintains equipment and keeps area clean and sanitized. Assists with inventory as required. NA-06 Prepares and
cooks a variety of meats, fish and poultry, soups, stocks, gravies, sauces and puddings as required by the menus.
Examines food for quality and freshness before preparation. Responsible for preparing, cooking, seasoning and
portioning foods by following standardized recipes. Plans, regulates and schedules cooking procedures so that
completed food products are ready at the appropriate temperature and time. NA-08 performs same duties as
above in addition to independently preparing all types of meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits, sauces, and
gravies for menus. Prepares, cooks, seasons, and portions food for all meals following standardized recipes at
different levels. Makes modifications to recipes for ingredient quantities, number of servings, and size of the
equipment available. Plans, regulates, and schedules cooking procedures so numerous completed food products
are ready at the same time. Prepares and presents food in a visually appealing manner. Prepares menu items
using special or difficult recipes requiring numerous interrelated steps, many ingredients, and lengthy preparation
time. Prepares a variety of menu items using several different and complex methods of preparation. Tests and
evaluates new food products. May coordinate the work of lower graded employees engaged in a variety of
standard cooking operations. Performs other duties as assigned.

  •  Working knowledge of the methods and procedures relating to food preparation in small quantities, and the
  • skill to apply such information to cook a limited variety of prepared foods.
  •  Ability to read and understand written food service material such as food labels, standardized recipes, etc.
  •  Ability to perform basic arithmetic computations in multiplying ingredients for a recipe and calculating how
  • many servings.
  •  Knowledge of the characteristics of various foods such as color, flavor, consistency, texture, and temperature
  • and cooking time required.
  •  Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing in English
  •  Must meet federal suitability requirements including successful completion of background investigation.
  • Background investigations are conducted using fingerprint identification and completion of background inquiry
  • forms.
  •  Skill in planning, coordinating and timing sequence of steps required to have all menu items ready for serving
  • at specified time.
  •  Knowledge of sanitation principles.


  •  Must be able to correct preparation problems independently and coordinate the cooking process for food items
  • assigned directly to them.
  •  Responsible for coordinating the cooking of items prepared by lower level cooks.
  •  Must know the type and quantity of food to prepare from the supervisors worksheet or oral instructions. Must
  • be able to determine when items are done and make changes or adjustments in recipes for the improvement
  • of flavor, texture and appearance.
  •  Must be able to calculate and determine portion servings. Provides instruction to lower grade cooks in food preparation principles and techniques and on safety and sanitation practices.
  •  Work is subject to spot checks by the supervisor for conformance with quality food standards, timeliness and adherence to established operating procedures including the proper use of commercial food service equipment.


  •  Thorough knowledge of the full range of food preparation principles including procedures to develop new recipes
  •  Knowledge of procedures related to cooking in large quantities
  •  Skill to overcome practical production problems; evaluating final food products, and initiate corrective action
  •  Ability to expand and modify recipes and to develop standardized recipes for quantity cooking
  •  Skill in operation, breakdown, and cleaning of food service equipment used in large quantity food production
  •  Ability to organize and coordinate work of lower grade employees
  •  Knowledge and understanding of food handling techniques, personal hygiene standards, and safe work procedures. Thorough knowledge of the full range of food preparation principles including the techniques and procedures necessary to develop new or revise current recipes and to prepare and cook food in large quantities
  •  Knowledge of sanitation standards and procedures to prevent contamination, such as the need to clean equipment previously used for raw food before further use and the need to use a chemical sanitizer or maintain proper water temperature when cleaning dishes
  •  Skill to perform tasks involving several procedures to prepare and cook food in large quantities
  •  Skill to overcome practical production problems, evaluate final food products, and initiate corrective action when an item does not meet established quality standards
  •  Skill to develop standardized recipes for quantity cooking; able to expand and modify recipes according to the capacity of the equipment in the kitchen as well and in response to adjustments in the number of servings required
  •  Skill to manage carious cooking processes so that food items are served at their peak taste, texture, and appearance with minimum holding periods and so that safe and critical temperature and time control points are met
  •  Ability to coordinate a full range of food preparation activities involving quantity food production where a number of items are cooked simultaneously and require varied cooking methods, timing requirements and may ingredients and numerous interrelated steps.
  •  May require high school diploma and pre-employment physical.

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