Galley Eligibility Per instruction NAFELCINT 4061.1B:

  • Active-duty personnel (U.S. and Foreign Military)
  • Reservist (Inactive Duty Training, Active Duty training)
  • National Guard
  • Midshipmen and Cadets of Military Academies (U.S. and Foreign)
  • Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Midshipmen
  • Escorted family of active-duty personnel and reservist on active duty
  • Government travelers (on orders) when directed to subsist from the ashore galley
  • Civilian personnel who work in the galley (only in their work location)
  • Nonprofit youth organizations and military students
  • Foreign military sales personnel
  • Red Cross personnel
  • The CO may, at his discretion, open the galley to retirees and other civilian personnel for special events
  • Others visiting the installation approved by CNIC
  • Civilians in accordance with NAFEC ltr 4061 SUP/142
  • NAF El Centro Employees: are authorized to use the galley on Saturday and Sunday ONLY.