Community Recreation

Sailors and all MWR Guests are welcome to visit the Community Recreation Center. Community Recreation is an alcohol and smoke-free facility that provides recreational fun. Enjoy our movie room with over 800 movies, televisions, computers, game room, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch game consoles.

Free Wi-Fi is available. 
Community recreation organizes on, and off-base recreational activities such as leisure classes, camping, hiking trips, etc. Price varies depending on recreational activity or event. Events and trips are discounted for single sailors through our Liberty Program.

Services Offered

MWR Community Recreation offers fun events, leisure skills classes, trips/outings, and Recreation programs for the whole family.

Community Recreation offers:

  • Information & Resources
  • Trips & Tours
  • Classes & Activities
  • Tickets
  • Special Events
  • Outdoor Equipment Rentals
  • Parks, Picnic Areas & Playgrounds
  • Command Recreation Support